Melissa Nkomo
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inner, outer + higher self (care)

meet melissa

I consider myself a wellness navigator. I don’t have all the answers but I’ve dedicated my life to self-mastery. One of my deepest desires is to use my curiosity about the mind, body, and spirit as a pathway to empowerment. I believe that the body is a point of intersection - where the inner, outer, and higher aspects of ourselves meet.




Conscientious breathing is like the heartbeat and soul of your movement practice. It helps you stay mindful as you align your body; and move with more efficiency from pose to pose, through each exercise and transition.
Each class helps you stabilize, mobilize and move more functionally.

yoga + pilates + RISE

mindful movement



Classical Hatha + Yin yoga, intelligently sequenced from an energetic and scientific perspective.

A musically driven cardio based workout that targets mind, muscles, and mood.

Clinical pilates to help you stabilize, mobilize and feel connected to your body on a deeper level.


Move with me…

If you want to feel lighter,
less constricted, and more uplifted.
If you are looking to strengthen, or heal, (or both)
in a space where you can feel safe and accepted.
If you want to see...and be seen.
Need to find a renewed connection
with yourself, or with a community.

If you are in need of more freedom, flow and alignment
in your body and in your life.


mindful curation + conscious conversation + creative collaboration


Kunye launched in 2015 as a clean beauty and wellness company. It started with the skin and now it goes deeper. 4 years later, it has evolved into a space to explore the intersection between the inner, outer, and higher self. is home to one-of-a-kind products collaboratively designed with makers I admire; a place to share stories of self-care and healing; and a community that gathers offline to slow down and connect IRL.